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Dank Memes for staff

Should Dank Memes become a staff member?  

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  1. 1. Dank for staff?

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Basic Information

Steam name:

Dank Memes n Chill

Steam ID:






Time zone:


Have you been banned before?

Yeah back when I first started on Aurora like two or three years ago, but I don't know for what exactly, all I know is that I was new to DarkRP

       - If so why & how long?

2 day ban

How many hours do you have on our server?

Well there were a few server restarts but I'm a long time Aurora member, on the current server I have 8 or 9 hours.

How active are you usually per day?
Getting back into GMOD I've put 4 hours a day at least

How many hours do you have on Garry's mod?

911 Hours

Are you currently a mentor on the server?
I used to be a mentor before the shutdown

Do you have a staff member that recommend you? [Staff means Moderator+]

@Cats , A moderator for DarkRP, Superadmin of TTT


How long have you been a part of our community?
I have been a part of the community since the spring 2016

Do you have any experience with ULX and ServerGuard?
Serverguard, yes. ULX, no

Do you have any previous moderation experience? (If so, please provide links/references if available)

Yes I was a previous Moderator for Aurora https://classified.auroraen.com/profile/2647-dank-memes-n-chill/ 

Server Information

What interests you about Aurora? (3-4 Lines)
What interests me most about Aurora is that this community is one of the most tightly knit communities of most gaming communities I've come across. The people, throughout the 2 years I have been a part of the community, have never changed. Although a shutdown did occur, something I did notice was that the veterans of Aurora still came back despite and skepticism they may have had, or doubts about how it would work out. But certainly, I do look forward to how Aurora will develop in the future and I am definitely looking forward to the new members of Aurora.

Why do you want to become a member of the staff team? (4-5 Lines)

My main reason I want to become staff is that I miss having fun with everyone and meeting new people, along with helping the server. I feel like I have the potential to be a great staff member and I look forward to meeting all the new players as mentioned above. One of my biggest regrets was retiring from Aurora and that was because of the fact that I absolutely loved the staff and the community. But I use this regret to further strengthen my interest and drive to become a staff member. I also want to become a staff member to further gain experience working with people and to also obtain the skills of using ULX, as I was a staff member when Serverguard was implemented. To add on, I'd also like to increase my experience in sits as before I felt insecure about my role in the server but as I return to many familiar people on the server, I can confidently say I have the skills needed for the role.

About You

What can you bring to the staff team? (3-4 Lines)
What I bring to the staff team is a member that not only has the knowledge of how to staff and moderate a server, but I also bring a great personality and a well-known member of the community. I can also bring help on how to further improve the server but also bring stress off the staff as usually I am the first to do the sits. Even if I were to be a Superadmin or higher staff, I would take the time out of my rp time to take sits even if other staff were on. I only hope that I can be a big impact on the staff team.

Why do you believe you’re suited for this position? (At least 2 Sentences)
I believe I am suited for the position of an Aurora staff member because I have a few months experience with staffing and also because I was trained by the best @Spiller.

Not only that, but because I have a great knowledge of the rules and I take the time to read updates to rules, or suggest changes.

Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?
I prefer a team but I dont mind being alone.

If you had to describe what you expect a moderator’s job to be in 3 words, what would they be?

Dedication. Patience. Teamwork.


Do you swear to help the members of Aurora to your fullest?
I swear.

Do you swear to be polite in chat and respectful to other members at all times?
I swear.

Do you swear to be fair in your moderation?
I swear.

Do you swear not to take abuse of the powers that will be invested upon you as a public representative of Aurora?

I swear.

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+Support, Rec confirmed

The Good:

  • Veteran community member
  • Has experience staffing on Aurora
  • Chill dude with a calm temper
  • Mature
  • Cares about the server

The Neutral:

  • Section not required for this application.

The Bad:

  • Recently joined back, but I think this can be overlooked.


Good Luck!

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What's so hard about writing in normal text to express what you're saying. There's no need for big ass colored font to show you support then or not

But anyways


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The Good:
- Old Aurora player.
- Seem chill.
- Was a mentor on the old server.
- Hasn't broken rules as far as I know


The Bad:
- Never seen you on. Maybe I'm just on at the wrong times.

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2 hours ago, spookyfries said:

when was the last time you were on the server? just asking

I have been on the past few days I think we were in the same Discord at one time.

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+ Literally has Dank Memes in his name

+ Likes to Chill

+ Good previous staff

+/- Beans

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5 hours ago, dankmemesnchill said:

I have been on the past few days I think we were in the same Discord at one time.

litty lityy mane

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