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PropHunt Staff Report Format

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Using the format will make things a lot faster and avoid confusion.

How to report a staff member

Use this format whenever you create a new report. Please make sure you are detailed in your description of the events that occurred. Be sure to provide proof (screenshots and/or videos) that prove your report. Otherwise, your report will be dismissed for lack of evidence. When creating a report, use the proper format to avoid confusion.


When you create a report, be sure to make the title "Staff Report" so the name will not appear on the topic feed.

You can collect the Steam ID by typing status in console or using this link.


If you falsify any evidence through photo manipulation (Photoshop, etc.) or through any other external means, you will be permanently banned. If you decide to use Steam Chat logs as evidence, please report the ENTIRE conversation. You cannot selectively decide what to use and what not to use as evidence.



Staff member's name:

Staff member's SteamID:

Staff member's abusive actions:

Proof of abuse:

Additional details:


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