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PropHunt Ban Appeal Format

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Prop Hunt Ban/Warn Appeals:
Please use this format when submitting an appeal.

How to Appeal a Ban:
If you believe you were wrongfully punished by a member of the staff, use this format to submit an appeal. If your punishment was found to be wrongful, your punishment may be lessened or lifted completely.


  • Use this format when you create a new topic. Please be detailed in your description of the events that occurred. 
  • Be sure to provide proof (screenshots or videos) that prove your report. Otherwise, your report will be dismissed for lack of evidence.
  • When creating a report, use the proper format, or you will be warned.
  • When you create an appeal, be sure to make the title "[PH] [Punishment] Appeal: (Name)"
    • For example: "[PH] Ban Appeal: John Doe"
  • You can find your SteamID by typing "status" in console.

Appeal Format:


Your In-Game Name:

Your SteamID:

Reason Entered for Your Punishment:

Staff Member Who Issued the Punishment:
Length of Ban/Warn:

Explain Why Your Punishment Was Invalid:

Proof (if any):



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