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PropHunt Staff Application Format

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If you do not follow this format, your application will not be reviewed.

Please do not ask for staff members to read your application.



Hello future applicants!


Enforcer applications are officially open for AuroraPH. We are looking for top-notch, mature, helpful players for enforcer positions. We take pride in our servers and take them very seriously. This is not a joke. Please do not apply if you feel that you cannot handle the requirements of moderating our servers. Being an enforcer is not fun and games. This is like a job and you must be willing to commit to it. Please read over the entirety of the format.



Your application must follow this following form. Copy+Paste it into a new thread and fill it out accordingly. You are also required to create a poll with the options: "Yes" and "No," It is also recommended you insert "[PH]" in the application title to prevent confusion between DarkRP and TTT.


Also, make sure your poll has the votes made public.


Basic Information


Steam name:


Steam ID:






Time zone:


Have you been banned before?


      - If so why & how long?


How many hours do you have on our server? [Check by typing "!time ^" in-game]


How active are you usually per day?


How many hours do you have on Garry's mod?


Do you have a staff member that recommended you? [Moderator or higher]





Do you have any experience with ULX?


Do you have any previous moderation experience? (If so, please provide links/references if available)



Server Information


What interests you about Aurora? (5-6 sentences)


Why do you want to become moderator? (5-6 sentences)



About you


What can you bring to the staff team? (5-6 sentences)


Why do you believe you’re suited for this position? (At least 4 sentences)


Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?


If you had to describe what you expect a moderator’s job to be in 3 words, what would they be?





Do you swear to help the members of Aurora to your fullest?


Do you swear to be polite in chat and respectful to other members at all times?


Do you swear to be fair in your moderation?


Do you swear not to take abuse of the powers that will be invested upon you as a public representative of Aurora?



Good luck!

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