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PropHunt Rules

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All players are expected to comply with the following rules when playing on Aurora Prop Hunt. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disciplinary action. If you spot a rule-breaker in-game, be sure to report it to any staff that is on the server or post a report in the Prop Hunt Player Report section.


Last Updated: August 7, 2018



Most listed offence punishments go by single map rotations, not rounds.

Role Specific Rules


-Must be completely visible.

-Cannot hide in an inaccessible Spot.

-Don't go out of the map.

-Do not spam taunts. Only if a staff member allows.


-No ghosting.

-Don't go out of the map.


-The Spectator team is for staff/trusted only.

-Do not possess props as an unassigned player.

-No ghosting.



General Server Rules

Breaking rules to enforce rules will result in punishment. If you are playing with someone who is breaking rules, please record evidence like screenshots or a video and report them on the forums.

If a staff member is online, you may not start any votes or use any powers but the !unstuck and any of the communication commands. Breaking this rule can lead to a ban.

Being toxic can also get you banned. How long the ban is depends on the Staff that is on.

Use Common Sense!

Respect everyone and have fun!




Treating any other players with disrespect, prejudice, or racism is a violation of our rules. We want a friendly environment that everyone can enjoy and have fun. This includes but is not limited to: harassment, racist comments, homophobic slang, cyber-bullying, and threats. Disrespect in a report may result in a ban.

First Tier Offence - You will receive a verbal warning, a kick, or a gag/mute from a staff member.

Second Tier Offence - Continued disrespect will result in a three-day ban.

Third Tier Offence - Persistent disrespect will result in a week to a permanent ban.


Using the "Hard R" in any way will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic 3 day to a permanent ban. Please refer to the following comment:


Hacking and DDoS threats to anyone or the server will result in an automatic permanent ban.




Ghosting is a form of Meta Gaming where any sort of communication is used to inform in-game alive players who are still alive, such as letting a player know about in-game events they are not aware of.  Using any chat clients to inform others where the Props are as an example is considered ghosting and is against the rules. Misleading is also considered ghosting and you will receive the same punishment.

First Tier Offence - Ghosting will result in a kick.

Second Tier Offence - Continued Ghosting will result in a one week ban.

Third Tier Offence - Persistent ghosting will result in a one month ban to permanent ban.


If you buy a trail, make sure not to trail ghost any alive props (trail ghosting is when you have a trail and you switch to other alive props, the trail follows you around) so either turn the trail off or go fly outside the map. If you continue to trail ghost then you will receive the same punishment.

If someone is ghosting, you are responsible to report it to a staff member or the forums immediately. If you are caught accepting messages from a ghoster and using those messages at your own advantage, you will be banned for ghosting too. There are no exceptions.




Restricted Areas

Restricted areas are anything that is outside of the map or inaccessible to hunters. Players are not allowed to use these places to hide from hunters or hunt for props. If you get outside the map then ask a staff member (If one is online) to teleport you back into the map.

If you break this rule:

First Tier Offence - A verbal/text warning to get out.

Second Tier Offence - Slay if you stay.

Third Tier Offence - You will be kicked then be banned for one day if you continue.

Here are some areas as an example:

- Hiding under the bed or inside the pillow in an invisible/unkillable position in ph_restaurant and ph_islandhouse.

- Hiding under the oven in ph_restaurant.

- Hiding in the back of the truck (there is an invisible wall that you can go through) in ph_restaurant.

- Hiding under the table in the break room in ph_parkinglot.

- Hiding inside of dead hunters bodies.

- Hiding in the chip bag downstairs on the table in ph_restaurant.

- Glitching into the roof of any map (If a staff member is online you may get them to !bring you back into a valid play area)

- You may not hide in the office trash cans (I.E black trash can) on any map.

- If you are teleported to the weapons room on ph_parkinglot as a prop you must jump down or ask a staff member to teleport you to safety and may not camp in there.



Continuously sending irrelevant messages to the chat or making noises, playing music or obnoxiously talking through the microphone constitutes as spam, which is against our rules. Spamming reports is considered spam too. Punishment for report spamming is doubled.

First Tier Offence - Spamming will result in a mute/gag for two rounds, and after that a kick.

Second Tier Offence - Continued spam will result in a one day ban.

Third Tier Offence - Persistent spam will result in a one week ban.


Spamming the staff chat will result in a kick. If you rejoin and continue, it will result in a three-day ban.

Leaving and rejoining to nullify a mute/gag will result in getting gagged/muted again when you rejoin then if you continue, that will result in a one day ban.



Excessive Team Switching

Excessively changing teams to be on either team will not be tolerated. If you have friends on the server, please be on their team. If a staff member finds out you and your friend(s) are on opposite teams, they will force swap you to be on the same team as your friend.

First Tier Offence - You will be force swapped back to the team you were on.

Second Tier Offence - You will be kicked from the server.

Third Tier Offence - Continued team switching will result in a one day ban.


Impersonating a Staff Member

Impersonating a Staff Member is when you pretend that you are a member of our staff team. This is not allowed. Depending on the severity, this can lead to a ban. 


Pretending to have power and to threaten other players with those powers.

Saying that you own the server.

Using any of these will lead to a 3-month ban.



Display Names

Your name must not contain any offensive or inappropriate words. Your name must also contain at least three consecutive English letters.

First Offence - You will be kicked until you change your name.

Second Offence - If you continue to keep or change your name to another offensive/inappropriate word, it may result in a 10 - 30-minute ban.

Third Offence - You may be banned for a day.


A permanent ban could be issued after the third offense if the name still breaks the disrespect rules.

If more than one player has the exact same name, they will be asked to change their name (In this situation, the person getting asked and kicked will be whoever connect to the server last). If denial to change their name persists, it can result in a 1-day ban.

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