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    Report on Angels Brother

    Player's In-Game Name: Angels Brother Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48283221 Rule(s) the Player Has Broken: [Section A] Do not leave the server to avoid being stolen from or to avoid punishment.This counts as FailRP Describe What Happened: My friend Anarchy! joined the server and i tried to get him leveled up we executed a raid on the player, Angels Brother. He said he had a building sign up, but had printers in his base. He did not have a building sign. After we took from his printers we tried to take them back to our small base, Angels Brother then left and explained, "am back, sorry cat slept on powercord." Proof: Showing him disconnect then reconnect. Further proof leading up to the rule breaking. You can see us initiate the raid me kill him and Anarchy level up from the prints. Then you see him leave and join back. His Excuse.
  2. Sam


    Ay, I'm Sam used to play on the server like really long ago i went by a few names. Kakashi, Minato, (Some name with minecraft in it), or simply Jack's annoying little brother. Great to be back to the server and cant wait to see it grow again.
  3. Sam

    Tier 3 Giveaway

    Repot fuckn scammer stol my dargon lor