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  1. can we actually use the medic models that come with hl2? basically just model = { "models/player/Group03m/Female_01.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Female_02.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Female_03.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Female_04.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Female_06.mdl", "models/player/group03m/male_01.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_02.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/male_03.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_04.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_05.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_06.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_07.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_08.mdl", "models/player/Group03m/Male_09.mdl" },
  2. Sluggies

    Racism Discussion

    because lmao. they're totally different things. don't fucking try to compare 9/11 and slavery, that shit isn't the same.
  3. Sluggies

    Racism Discussion

    Here's my point of view: Staff, don't use either one. I low-key assume anyone using it on the internet is some whit-ass irl. Hard R should be an instant kick in the discord, and server. We aren't losing any good players who think it's funny to spam it with the hard R. The issue with "as long as its not used to harass" is that staff decide context, and that shit gets really annoying. Hard R should be a no-no, no matter what. but lmao you whiteys want to say it and are gonna call me racist for calling you out so whatevs
  4. lmao theyre actually different players. ipad is kinda chill tbh. kool-kid goes full psychopath when he gets a kill lmao
  5. Sluggies

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    I still prefer downtown aurora just because it has better bases and doesn't require cars.
  6. Sluggies

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    nah not retribution, shits unoptimized as hell as much as I like it rp_downtown_aurora sounds great
  7. Sluggies

    Letter of Resignation

    damn this is cold
  8. Sluggies


    So we'd have to code it, or wait for the author of this add-on to continue selling it. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4792/bicyclemod There's also this skateboard mod, which is a bit glitchy and wonky. However I think Divine and the other deevs could likely fix it up (and add the hoverboards as a donator or high price item) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549224132 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=159078744 (skateboard models extra) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=150455514
  9. Sluggies

    Want any of these addons?

    tbh I think we're being too mean. :c
  10. Sluggies

    Want any of these addons?

    inb4 leaked gmodstore addons with 50 glua backdoors
  11. Sluggies


    y i k e s
  12. Sluggies

    Add these weapons as black market weapons

    lmao CW 2.0 is actual ass imo, the damage values are terrible for DarkRP and most guns don't have a functioning w_model. If you guys really like attachments that much, I would suggest we get a better gun back and just keep the 'base' part of CW 2.0. Plus maximize the amount of 'tacticool' with leaning and prone mods. optimally I would like to return to TFA with a new gun pack that we would balance so it fits the gamemode more. My suggestion would be CSO2 or COD MWR (plus more TFA packs as their released)
  13. Sluggies

    DarkRP: Radio DJ Return and New Textscreens!

    The first one yeah, but the first one is open source so Divine or someone could easily modify it to function like our current one. Tuner has broadcast radios and recievers though, I don't see the issue, plus it supports .mp3 and other file formats. so i can do my fallout.fm
  14. Sluggies

    DarkRP: Radio DJ Return and New Textscreens!

    https://gmod.facepunch.com/f/gmodaddon/btkfe/Disseminate-s-Addons/1/ Maybe we could try this guy's radio addon. Wyozi causes a shitload of lag sometimes
  15. Sluggies

    Bring Back Cars!!!

    i would also farm to become fucking taxi driver.