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  1. Erikir

    what aurora should be about

    the good ol days
  2. Erikir

    [RP] Untitled's Staff Application

    +Support this guy has a long history with Aurora even before I joined. He's also the quiet quiet kid from the shia labeouf video
  3. Erikir


    but there's already someone named Aki lol You gotta change your name smh
  4. Erikir


    Legit this is pretty funny. It should be in the server for a limited time at least
  5. Erikir

    botyclap=skoty- hello

    skate fast eat ass
  6. Erikir

    Favorite Screenshots from Aurora

    One time I was an SA I was pretty fucked and on the forums and saw some dude shitposting
  7. Erikir

    Selfie Thread

    His name is doge so......