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  1. How goes it?

  2. Don

    Farewell, Aurora (Retiring)

    A bit late, but idk what program you are referencing
  3. So...the servers are dead 😮 😮 😮 

    1. Mooo


      Lol I would hop on but im not about to build a base without stacker or the pusher tool

    2. Wishbone


      @Moooill get on if you get on LMAO ill help withe stacking tool and shiz

    1. Sargwetsage


      Was this when ph decided to ban nigga and started banning and warning people on the forums where it was completly out of their jurisdiction?

    2. Don


      I genuinely don't remember


  5. Don

    Curious peepee for staff!

    I must have voted no when you first posted this because I don't remember anything and my vote is in O_o. That name was probably why I did it. I'd like to change it to +support now.
  6. Don

    Dank Memes for staff

    +support, not a bitch
  7. Don

    Report on Mike Wazowski

    You're a bitch
  8. Don


    Good times.
  9. Don

    Discord appeal!

    @Cats Bernerd#5371
  10. Don

    Discord appeal!

    Use your brain, it's ironic. I wanted to point out that it was an eyesore, and stupid to see it thrown around, to the point where the name was allowed. Why do we hate it on the servers but allow it on discord?
  11. Don

    Discord appeal!

    Alright so I've been banned for setting my name to the hard R. I set it when I was in chat with an administrator and a mod when the word was being thrown around repeatedly in voice chat. They kept saying how it was okay and that sarg was allowed to use it. Get your shit together and set some clear rules, I hate the word so I set it because I was annoyed with hearing it in voice chat. I'm insulted that nothing was said in chat by the person who banned me, which apparently was @QueenM, who never talks in chat. Talk to fellow staff before taking action such as banning someone from Discord, especially someone who didn't just join. I'm on that it all the time, and I guarantee I bring more value to Discord than you do.
  12. Don

    Discord appeal!

    Think I was banned for having my nickname as the hard R even though Mrjgt says it was allowed. Also Cats saw it, wasn't going to be a permanent name. Just wanted to make a point that we shouldn't allow it. Thanks for taking the time to communicate.
  13. Don

    Remove hitman and pickpocketing

    "Kill this guy he disrespected me"