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  1. Kobeyashi


    Just like most things, it's a work in progress. We plan on updating not only our RP server, but our TTT and PropHunt servers as well. All you need to do is have patience and suggest things you would like to see on the server in the future.
  2. Kobeyashi

    Racism Discussion

    The rules are the rules, you don't have to abide by them if they go against your beliefs. However, you will be punished accordingly if you break them.
  3. Kobeyashi

    Discord appeal!

    I never thought I'd see an argument this immature, and then see the immature side of the argument bring maturity into it. It's like the jumping off of a bridge and breaking your legs, then telling the police that a cop said you would be okay. Clearly, not the same risk factor but you get the point. I expected way more maturity from you, Don. There are plenty of other ways you can prove a point against the use of the word without using the word. It isn't in the Discord welcome chat where the rules are listed because no one thought they would have to tell you that it's wrong to use the word. This is our mistake as upper staff for overestimating the intelligence of our community and staff. Everyone who uses the word clearly wants some sort of attention that their parents failed to give them in the early years of their life, and because it isn't my staff's job to give them that attention: Everyone who uses THE term on any server in any way (malicious or not) will be banned immediately without prior notice from that server. Any rules that do not clearly state this will be updated so that there is no failure in communication next time. Also so that we are clear: If I see any staff members using the word they will also be demoted and banned without notice. @Cats @Kos @QueenM
  4. Kobeyashi

    Aurora Staff Hierarchy

    Hello; to all current and future members of AuroraEN: The purpose of this post is to inform you of the staff hierarchy as well as a couple of ground rules involving being a staff member on our various servers. Do not confuse this with our staff expectations as that is something else entirely. A staff list will follow this soon. This is so that we are all on the same page. **The power of Super Administrators and their subordinate ranks do not carry over to other servers. The only rank that has universal power is the rank of Community Supervisor.** Community Supervisor Oversees all community and staff operations Super Administrator Super Admins on ONLY their respective servers and are the leaders of their server, given the appropriate power to adequately manage their subordinate staff and their server Administrator Given the appropriate power to adequately manage their subordinate staff and staff their server Moderators Given the appropriate power to adequately staff their server without restriction Enforcers Given the appropriate power to adequately staff their server with restrictions
  5. Hello AuroraEN community members, We would like to begin by thanking everyone for coming back and being a part of our family again. We look forward to expanding larger and growing closer as a community in the future. The staff team here at AuroraEN believes transparency is a detrimental characteristic of a staff team that strives to work as efficiently as possible for the good of the community. That being said, we have a few goals in mind for the future of AuroraEN and we would like to keep all of you informed of what you should be expecting from us soon. Please refer to the following infographic: Let's not forget to thank our beta testers for volunteering their time to helping us perfect our DarkRP server, they will receive some sort of perk that is TBD upon the release of our DarkRP server. Finally, we need your help. We are currently running our server on a $20 VDS that will not be sufficient to achieve what we have in store for you all. The server we are currently on cannot support all of the content and optimizations we plan to release on the server, therefore we will need to buy a new server. This is where you all come in, we would need to raise a grand total of $280 in order to officially launch DarkRP. Since we are asking a lot of you all, we have developed a tier list for donations so that your contribution doesn't go unrewarded: Tier 1 Donator (>$10): Forum & Discord 'Donator' rank Tier 2 Donator ($10-$20): A TBD Cash/XP reward in-game as well as Tier 1 reward Tier 3 Donator ($20<): Access to a special class made for Tier 3 Donors as well as Tier 2 and 3 rewards We strongly believe that we could meet this goal before August 14th so that everyone would be able to enjoy our DarkRP experience before the middle of August. All donors also will need to send their alias, email & donation amount in the form of a post in the Donation Receipts section of the forums located here. We would like to thank you all for playing a part in Aurora's revival, you are the fuel that keeps the rocket going. You will not be disappointed by what we have in store for you all.
  6. Kobeyashi

    staff application

    +Support If @Ponyポニー didn't exist, @doge would be my 1st recommendation for super administrator. @Divine, please make both of the two super admin IMMEDIATELY!!!
  7. Hi there, I founded Aurora back in 2015 with one goal in mind – to deliver a dope-ass trolling experience. It went on to evolve into a strange addiction followed by staffing tenure and the rest was history. AMA