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  1. 1337Raider


    You're acting like the player will be able to do every single thing they can to make money all at the same time. Making Meth is a big project on it's own if you do it right. I think having multiple ways to make money is a good thing if they know how to balance it right. If it's not balanced right before it's added to the server it'll ruin the economy.
  2. 1337Raider

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    Before the server went to shit Servius had it optimized a bit and some other shit but idk what happened to that.
  3. 1337Raider

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    Retribution?? Just add car cmon bruh, but downtown aurora is good map too
  4. 1337Raider


    Make the bike 1m for a red, blue or yellow bike(the 3 base colors), then make them cost more for other colors or some shit
  5. 1337Raider

    Bring Back Cars!!!

    Just be more strict on CDM and problem solved. If someone is speeding past town hall or w/e the fuck it's called without a legit reason(like being chased by the police...being shot at??any logical reason) should be blacklisted from driving. Can start off with 1st Offense: Warning. 2nd Offense: 1 Day Blacklist from Driving and a kick. 3rd Offense: 5 Day Blacklist from Driving and a 1 day ban. 4th Offense: 2 Week Blacklist from Driving and a 3 day ban. 5th Offense: Permanent Blacklist from Driving and a week ban. Just don't be softies when it comes to enforcing driving rules and there won't be chaos. I don't see myself playing for more than 2 weeks if there aren't cars. There's hardly anything to work for and that's why I've quit Aurora on multiple occasions is when they removed cars. And I'd start playing again when they were re-added. Now for Evil Melon cars aren't needed and would just be too much. Maybe for Evil Melon add Tricycles or a bike or some shit that's like 1m and lets you go 2 or 3 times the speed of a player running.
  6. 1337Raider

    [RP] Akira/Aki's Staff Application

    Why did you switch steam accounts?
  7. 1337Raider


    I can just follow a youtube video for free or go on reddit and get a free pet but uh welcome back besides I'm short 5k for the pet
  8. 1337Raider


    I remember you I remember seeing you on said server when I played it for a bit. Idk why there was drama when you left tho tbh
  9. 1337Raider

    [RP]MADPVPER's sTaFf ApP

    I'm gonna be honest your app looks like shit. Looks like you just typed something up to get an app up and out. You could have formatted the app with colors to make it easier to read. I'm gonna be neutral until I actually read the app which won't be until it's formatted better(add some color).
  10. 1337Raider

    [RP] Screwed's Staff Application

    Paid me $5 PP to hit yes. I'm kidding... It was only $3 +Support If I remember correctly before Aurora went bye bye he followed the rules and was pretty active. From what I hear he's doing good on TTT Staff. So if he can be active in both servers to staff, fine by me.
  11. 1337Raider

    Tier 3 Giveaway

    Hory shit lemme in
  12. 1337Raider


    I got 3 dove pics
  13. 1337Raider

    Tier 3 Giveaway

    Where's the third option!??? I wanted to enter the giveaway!
  14. 1337Raider

    Legacy Forums

    LOL oops it didnt copy the right 1. Can't even edit my post o well. Here's the right link https://prntscr.com/k5ldpw