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  1. Bob Martin Jr


    I'm officially retiring, thanks for the good times. Bye.
  2. Bob Martin Jr

    White Gamer Guy is using his 2nd amendment right too much

    Accepted Player will be banned for 3 days
  3. Bob Martin Jr

    Selfie Thread

    You when your 50
  4. Bob Martin Jr

    [TTT] Credence's Staff Application

    +Support -Knows rules well -very friendly -mature -past staff on aurora
  5. Bob Martin Jr

    Anom's Staff Application

    +/- Neutral -Improved on Maturity -Very active -Knows rules well -Being a staff is about providing the best experience for other players, I'm just afraid that you will be to eager to punish, and like others have said you seem to want to punish way too much. -You can get salty at times when you get RDMed, but that is sometimes understandable You seem like a good kid, and I am sure you mean well, once you prove me wrong you will have my support, but for now I am sticking with neutral.
  6. Bob Martin Jr

    Favorite Screenshots from Aurora

    What happened to my boy mort and rifty shifty
  7. Bob Martin Jr

    [TTT] Viva's Staff Application

    +SUPPORT -Cheated on me with bread :((