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  1. GamingWaffl3

    Farewell, Aurora (Retiring)

    In reference to the community.
  2. Aurora has been a huge part of my life, I was a member of the community for years before it was shut down, and I came back as soon as I heard the news. The nostalgia was great, but it wasn't the same. A lack of new regulars was bad, and worse still, the staff were the only people keeping TTT afloat. RP was fun at first, then the subsequently idle TTT staff team caused TTT to die, all that happens now in terms of activity is Defective Program, a couple other staff members, and myself occasionally playing. This server meant a lot through me, and the community gave me a place to go. It was amazing. Now that's gone. Aurora won't be up forever, nobody is going to buy Prime on TTT or RP. It won't last like this. It was great to see it flourish for the first month or so, but its worse than it was before. I have met many people I will never forget, and I have a lot of names to name before I leave. It truly has been a good run. If things get better and stay that way maybe I will come back. Thank you all for these memories, for good times to remember. Aurora meant so much to me, and it still does. It always will. Goodbye, Aurora. -GamingWaffl3 Mentions: @Cats - Great guy, we should play PUBG or something more often. @Ponyポニー - One of the best SAs during old Aurora. @DefectiveProgram - Easily the best, most active new staff member. Its been fun. @BottledCuteness - *administrates into my house* @Viva - Chill TTT staff and fun to base and raid with in RP @AboveHickory - I still remember the time when I you did 1 damage to me with a minecart and I killed you for it, and you were a T. @UnTold - Those Mafia Mega Bases were really cool. @Untitled - Basing with you was pretty cool. @Don - Your new program sucked. @AnomalyDetected - Pretty cool dude, it was fun playing TTT and RP with ya. @geekmarine - Always a BMD, it was fun the time I stole all your prints. @Llamafairpwllgwyngyll - Your name is too damn hard to say. @Bob Martin Jr @QueenM - Easily quotable, and fun to pick on in SCP Containment Breach. @Credence - Good staff member, glad you came back. @SitriCorday - Nice person, also easily quotable. @Sargwetsage - Fix your mic. @Skotty - You are a very corrupt mayor. @Screwed - You are a very corrupt SWAT. @OneBar - Good player, nice guy. Francisco - Pretty chill, not much else to say. Bipolar Kitten - Cool guy, long time regular. Rekov - Cool guy, good player, great singing voice. Those Who Didn't Return Who I Need To Mention Ikea - Gay ChooMcoo - TTT legend, killed the whole server at once. Sir Mudflap The Llama Paladin - Literally God. Babo - Like Mudflap but slightly less good imo. SekCGamer - Pretty cool guy from way back when. Clay God - Made some nice tombstones for everyone.
  3. Again, not allowed. Long tunnel that is 2 players wide = not a meat tunnel. Just a very toxic design choice.
  4. Meat Tunnels aren’t allowed as is. They are defined in the rules as a tunnel not two players wide and wide enough for one player to turn 360 degrees without lowering their gun. As for long tunnels, no restriction imo.
  5. A limit of fading windows is a good idea. Generally I only use about 2-3 windows anyway.
  6. GamingWaffl3

    Push BMD away from selling guns

    Nothing. It would make BMD pretty useless save for buying grenades and the L115. As to the main post, the MK.11 should stay with BMD as it is supposed to be good. BMD guns are supposed to be better, Gun Dealer has some pretty good legal guns like the AK-74. BMD is supposed to have the best guns that are illegal, making it high risk high reward. Otherwise BMD is useless.
  7. It would make it too hard. Raiding is tougher due to fading windows, but too easy without. Strategy can be used to counter fading windows, or getting the prefire. And meat tunnels arent allowed, they are tunnels where 1 person cannot turn 360 degrees without lowering their weapon and 2 people cannot walk in side by side
  8. According to the DarkRP rules, "A meat tunnel is defined as a long and narrow tunnel in which a player cannot turn 360 degrees without lowering his weapon and must be able to fit 2 people side by side in width."
  9. Also TBH if fading windows go less traditional defense like mazes should be allowed
  10. At the same time they are really the only advantage that defenders get during the raid, especially those basing solo, which I do often. PD could theoretically raid in a group of 21 (16 Police, 5 SWAT) if there are enough people on. PD could just break through the fading doors with little risk of being killed
  11. All of these are things I don't want. 1. No, a meat tunnel is a tunnel where 2 people can not be in it side to side at the same side and 1 person cannot turn 360 degrees without lowering their weapon 2. The only limit on a tunnel should be the size of the base 3. Fading windows are the only way to survive raids ESPECIALLY in small bases. They offer defense nothing else can. Attackers can just barge in and kill you without fading windows. Without killslots and fading widows, there is virtually no way to defend yourself. Basing will be pointless as you can be raided very easily. And if long tunnels are nerfed, there will be no use for the L115, which otherwise would be the only viable options for bases like Disco and Indistrial. No, No, and No. Raids will be TOO easy for the attackers and WAY too difficult for defenders. These will make basing obselete.
  12. GamingWaffl3

    Sargwetsage's TTT (Why not)

    The Good +Good application +Veteran player +Helped with our joke on Dark RP, was a good sport who didn't mind getting executed The Bad -Lots of warnings on DarkRP, already kicked twice by Athena -Not on TTT much -Reported abuse -Angered easily Not backing up rec. I jokingly said he could have it after our execution thing, sorry. +/- Neutral, leaning towards no (voted yes on accident)
  13. GamingWaffl3

    [RP] Screwed's Staff Application

    +Support Active, good staff, but he is kinda racist.
  14. GamingWaffl3

    Brad's staff app

    The Good, The Eh, and The Ugly The Good: +Active +Prior staff experience The Eh: +/-Didn't change the colors for viewing ease The Ugly: -RDMs a lot -Karma banned 4 times (perhaps some due to event rounds but 4 karma bans due to events?) -Votebanned for crowbar RDM -No poll -Can be toxic -Didn't meet a single line requirement -Little to no effort in the application Verdict: -Support
  15. GamingWaffl3

    [RP] Cats Staff Application

    +SUPPORT Good super admin. No further explaining needed.