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  1. Mooo

    staffa appa

    pretty sure this guy was a former staff member.
  2. Mooo

    Prime and CC Skins

    Yay now I can spend more real money to amass more Garry’s mod cash
  3. Mooo

    Racism Discussion

    So if I claim to be black I can run around in darkrp saying nigger
  4. Mooo

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    Don’t think we have devs but I guarantee it’d be pretty easy to optimize and would probs be 1-2 days work on hammer
  5. Mooo

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    I don’t the think new players will say “oooo downtown time to click on this server”
  6. Mooo


    or you could just walk? its a small map anyway...
  7. Mooo

    Bring Back Cars!!!

    yes i will farm to become a taxi driver and cdm 🙂
  8. Mooo

    Bring Back Cars!!!

    switch map to like rockford and add that one og pack where there was cars that were like 500 mil
  9. Mooo

    Third Person

    honestly just remove it, if its in the game people will abuse it
  10. Mooo

    New Map?

    we should stay on evilmelon until we have a stable pop of 60+
  11. um no. nerf the damage down to 40-50
  12. no cw is amazing there is alot of good addons plus attachments also the mk11 is just overpowered and in need of a nerf