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  1. Ponyポニー

    New Age Requirement

    Suggestion Denied and Locked
  2. Ponyポニー

    New Age Requirement

    This topic has been brought up numerous of times in the past. The age restriction has been well thought of and it will not be changed. We have had many quality staff members in the past even as young as 14, and it's not a problem with proper guidance and training. There's no necessity to bring the age requirements up unless we turn Aurora into an R18 community. You'd be surprised to see the amount of people that are still quite immature in their 20s.
  3. Ponyポニー

    BeMinxX's Staff Application

    His friends supported him for the app. He doesn't have alt accounts, he didn't tell anyone to create accounts just to vote for him. Argument over.
  4. Ponyポニー

    Prime buyable item

    It's on the list of things we have to implement in the TTT server for sure.
  5. Ponyポニー

    GTG's Ban Appeal

  6. We are getting the DarkRP staff team ready or launch. If you would like to be part of the team, apply now! 

  7. Ponyポニー


    I'll add it on 4/1/2019
  8. Ponyポニー


  9. Ponyポニー

    Tier 3 Giveaway

    @doge if you don't care then why are you here in the first place?
  10. Ponyポニー


    welcome back 🙂
  11. Ponyポニー

    TTT Staff Applications Now Open!

    Greetings fellow Aurora Community members, We are now officially reopening up staff applications for our TTT server! If you have a heart to serve and help out, here's your chance to shine. Follow this link to check out the requirements. Note: Former retired staff can contact me to possibly acquire their staff rank back without an application. If you guys have any questions, ask away!
  12. hi uwu

    1. Carolime


      shut the FUCK up

    2. gtg


      she SAID shut the FUCK up

    3. Ponyポニー
  13. Ponyポニー

    This probs wont last

    This is a new chapter for Aurora, and a new refreshing start. Don't be so negative
  14. Ponyポニー


    I need to find that ProphesyFrags banner thing