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  1. Gonna be out for a week, moving into my dorm:classic_unsure:

  2. dankmemesnchill

    spookyfries staff app

    now THIS is epic
  3. dankmemesnchill

    Blueflame17 Warn Appeal.

    I did end up checking his base, although he did materialize the fences, he wasn’t using them as one-ways. He obviously had no malicious intent, with the fences. As for the cameras I do not have an input as I did not check that.
  4. dankmemesnchill

    geekmarine's staff application

    Bro chilll, stop holding grudges bro its not even worth it. Anyways +Support he is a great player
  5. dankmemesnchill

    Racism Discussion

    People are still banned for saying other racial slurs. I have banned countless people who have said Zipperhead, Spick, Gook, and of course the N-word. Just because the n-word is banned and others aren't doesn't make it okay. Also saying "faggot" has always been a bannable offense similarly to the N-word. But I do agree and have witnessed what your first point is and that is the fact that staff members are using that type of language without being punished. I think a warning is far from what a staff member deserves for saying these words, as they are the ones who are supposed to set an example of how the server is supposed to be run.
  6. dankmemesnchill

    New Age Requirement

    I think instead of age requirement we go by pitch levels in someone's voice. either that or we should lower the age req by 1 or 2 years and make it a mandatory requirement
  7. dankmemesnchill

    People of aurora don’t like iPadman321

    Nice shitpost
  8. dankmemesnchill

    BeMinxX's Staff Application

    I didn't say you were being toxic, I said you can be sometimes. Because I don't think you were being toxic you were actually just pointing out some sketchy activity and stating your opinion.
  9. dankmemesnchill

    BeMinxX's Staff Application

    This comment wasn’t necessary at all. This is a vote and anyone can express their opinion in this community. And just because one player has more play time than another doesn’t make their opinion anymore important. I know Sarg can be toxic but he is still part of this community and we try to treat each other equally with respect.
  10. dankmemesnchill

    BeMinxX's Staff Application

    +Support Friendly player, funny ass mf. I am confident he knows the rules. Active player as well.
  11. dankmemesnchill

    Lets Talk About The New Map

    I have Lorenzo added, he's in the military so getting a hold of him is a pain.
  12. dankmemesnchill

    Curious peepee for staff!

    I can confirm this guy is on for 14 hours a day. but anyways, +Support. Because I do think you know the rules, and you’re a cool guy. My only problem is that you seem to not be well known yet. Give it some more time, and try to avoid breaking rules in the meantime. Stay on peoples good sides and stay away from negative interactions.
  13. dankmemesnchill

    Dank Memes for staff

    +Support but you voted no?
  14. I was in LA for 2 weeks and i didn’t see @Chris :^(


    1. Chris


      dang u never told me???