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  1. Sargwetsage

    Blueflame17 Warn Appeal.

    Here comes a shit storm over 1 warning point
  2. Sargwetsage


    Fuck no. We dont need to inflate the server with money. This just makes the game to easy.
  3. Sargwetsage

    geekmarine's staff application

    3 RECS
  4. Sargwetsage

    geekmarine's staff application

    Look at the first comment. I confirmed my rec.
  5. Sargwetsage

    geekmarine's staff application

    @UnTold he has a rec
  6. Sargwetsage

    geekmarine's staff application

    +support +rec confirmed
    1. Sargwetsage


      Was this when ph decided to ban nigga and started banning and warning people on the forums where it was completly out of their jurisdiction?

    2. Don


      I genuinely don't remember

  7. Sargwetsage

    Racism Discussion

    Just as a recap what Im saying with this post is i dont want anything unbanned or banned I'm just curious why one word stands out more than the rest.
  8. Sargwetsage

    Racism Discussion

    Notice how we arent comparing. We are asking why "nigger" is instantly banned and sticks out more but making jokes about a gruesome terrorist attack that changed the world and thousands of American lives is ok
  9. Sargwetsage

    Racism Discussion

    Also another quick disclaimer I am not an advocate for any of these words nor do I believe that they have a place in the server or the world in general.
  10. Sargwetsage

    Racism Discussion

    Just as a quick disclaimer I am not advocating whether we should be tightening down nor am I advocating that we should loosen up on these policies, this is just a post that I believe requires some discussion through out everyone and not refined to just a simple direct message with an upper staff member that typically doesn't solve much. Through out my many years of Aurora I have noticed a sort of weird pattern, I have seen players and some staff using words like faggot, beaner, spick, zipperhead, honky, gook, honky, and other ranges of different slurs and derogatory terms. I have also noticed that people tend to make jokes about the haloucaust or 9/11 for some fucked up reason that is out of justifying. I am aware that every once and while it sometimes slips, I myself included. But the big thing that I notice is nothing does anything about it. Nobody cares for this raunchy behavior... except for one thing, people freak out and we have a rule against "nigger" (context). And what I don't have an understanding of is why it's just this one word that has been outlawed compared to everything that I have listed. How does one word triumph all the holocaust, 9/11, or other racial slurs? Might I remind you that we are an international server so the excuse can't be "slavery" or "racial profiling". I mean the first one was a tragedy and a stain that America has to live with, the second one is just lies that were used as a publicity stunt. Overall I just would like a clarification on why that one word is so "toxic" and is not okay to be used and you can even get banned but making jokes about a major terrorist attack on the US that resulted in thousands of deaths or making jokes about a fascist movement that ended in 6,000,000 innocent people losing their lives is okay. Personally I believe that we should unban "nigger" (again context) but really crack down on racism as a whole. Like if it is said once just leave it alone or just let them know to tone it down a little. I completely agree if they just joined the server and just spam it or it's the only thing they say because that comes with the whole minge ideal. That's the ideal solution that I have. The unideal solutions are to ban it all or unban it all and hope that people have common sense, (key word hope). And on a side note I understand that banning that one specific word makes it seem like we are trying to be racially sensitive but in the end it's actually doing the oppoiste because you are singling out a specific race and giving them special treatment which does fall under the category as "racism". I decided with going to with saying the actual word instead of going with "the hard r" or something along those lines because it takes meaning away from the post and it'd make me look like a hypocrite. And it gave the report more of an edge, and it grabbed your attention to the post... yes?
  11. Sargwetsage

    New Age Requirement

    Well here think about it like this, lets say you're at a party as a 17 year old and a 14 year old who looks like shes 18 and may act like shes 18 wants you to be the gentlemen of the evening. As much as it seems like itd work out you're still not gonna fuck a 14 year old. Age in a way does matter cuz it shows live experience and also the fact they're still kinda kids.
  12. Sargwetsage

    New Age Requirement

    My joke and that little rough patch aside I still stand by my statement