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  1. Blueflame17

    Darkrp Hacker Job

    https://codefodder.store/script/768-GTerminal-Advanced-DarkRP-Hacking-Module-1-3-Free A free addon that I have played with in the past. It is a very in-depth and fun style hacker job. Person spawns a terminal, opens email, accepts missions, does whatever mission (ddos youtube, hack bank accounts etc) and in return gain money and experience. Obviously illegal and police can raid a hacker in order to stop them.
  2. A person recorded my friends and I playing CS:S like 4 years ago. Good times.

  3. Blueflame17

    Blueflame17 Warn Appeal.

    Our cameras did not make a one way prop. We saw into the hallway using cameras. We were then able to shoot through the walls and floor of the room at your location. P.S will be at work until 7pm EST. Won't be able to reply further until then.
  4. Blueflame17

    Blueflame17 Warn Appeal.

    While that may be true, that does not affect every fence. The particular fence i did use, that does not happen. Both sides material fully, no one way was created.
  5. Blueflame17

    Blueflame17 Warn Appeal.

    As I stated, If the warning stays so be it. Like you said it is just 1 warning point. It is the rule that caused it that I have a problem with as I believe it makes very little sense. I just want a peaceful discussion about this rule.
  6. Blueflame17

    Blueflame17 Warn Appeal.

    Your In-Game Name: blueflame17 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:34004403 Reason Entered for Your Punishment: Breaking the rule: You are not permitted to recolor/texture props that can be seen through (for example: fences). If you alter these props, you will be warned. Staff Member Who Issued the Punishment: UnTold Length of Ban/Warn: Warn Severity 1 Explain Why Your Punishment Was Invalid: Now, I will admit to not remembering the rule, and materializing our fences. However I would like to contest this rule as it stands on very little logical sense. If the argument is made that some fences can be made one ways by materializing or coloring, then ban the fences that do so (most of which already have). Besides if a person makes a one way using a material/color then wouldn't that rule be broken instead, causing a redundancy. If the argument made is that you cannot tell whether or not it can be shot through; many props that are not see through are thin enough to shoot through and could be material/colored the same. At the same time a normally opaque prop can be materialized to be see through or at least translucent enough to see silhouettes. This causes a bit of a double standard does it not? If the warn stands then so be it, but I would very much like a reasonable explanation as to why this rule exists. Proof (if any):
  7. Blueflame17

    Blueflame Is Back!

    Hell yeah man. Time to cook ALL THE METH!
  8. Post any of your amazing and interesting stories from old Aurora here. Tell us of your most intense raids, hilarious encounters, and all around bullshittery. I'll start: Once upon a time I was mayor for 6 hours in Aurora's DarkRP. Was a standard term as mayor for the first 3 hours. The next 3 hours I made the police corrupt and made unbelievably strict laws. Half my police force quit and tried to raid me. During my 5th hour as mayor I declared to remove a law if someone payed me a million; that pissed a lot of people off. Then an admin came to me and asked if I wanted to put a bounty on my head. He set it to 250k because that was all he had. So I gave 250k towards my own bounty. I was raided every 20 minutes like clockwork by a ton of people. After 6 hours I had to get off so I ran up and down the street in front of the PD going full YOLO mayor. I died in about 2 minutes. 10/10 would mayor again. Just one glorious story of many. So go on, tell us your stories.
  9. Blueflame17

    Blueflame Is Back!

    The time for shenanigans is once more. The time for memes continues. This is where the fun begins.
  10. Hello, I am Blueflame17, I played back during the golden age of Aurora and am glad to see it resurrected.

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      Yes I remember you