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  1. Cats

    spookyfries staff app

    -Support Literally just got banned off of TTT an hour ago.
  2. Cats

    staffa appa

    +/- Has experience but only returned recently. Voting no for now.
  3. Cats

    My Prime Though

    It doesn't at all. I was just attempting to give an explanation of why prime wasn't grandfathered. I can agree with this. Going back to the first point I made, the server doesn't have enough money in its current state make it 4 months with little to no donation revenue. I understand why you are angry about this. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to remedy the situation. The decision has been made by Divine and nobody except him can do anything to change it.
  4. Cats

    geekmarine's staff application

    I'll go ahead and give you my rec as well. As @Untitled said, you seem to have a proficient understanding of the rules. You're also a fun guy to have around and add to the Aurora experience rather than subtract from it. I think you'll do well as staff.
  5. Cats

    My Prime Though

    Eh. I think most people realize that the server needs to be funded somehow. Our current playerbase mostly consists of Aurora veterans who already purchased prime. If we grandfathered prime for those people and switched to a monthly subscription the server would likely be shut down due to a lack of funds. Plus, some may consider this version of Aurora a completely new server. This would invalidate any previous donations.
  6. Cats


    The arcade machine also looks pretty neat.
  7. Cats

    New Age Requirement

    This is false. You were forced to retire because of your immaturity, not your age. You abused your powers and gave the entire staff team a bad image with your behavior on the forums and ingame.
  8. Cats

    New Age Requirement

    Nah, the age requirement is already high enough. Increasing the age requirement would just make it more difficult for capable applicants to become staff.
  9. Cats

    Discord appeal

    I'll reduce the ban to 5 days. In the future please refrain from posting NSFW content in the discord. You are free to DM people NSFW content as long as you have their consent. Partially Accepted.
  10. Cats

    I'm ready to be a virgin again

    Welcome back.
  11. Cats

    Curious peepee for staff!

    Definite -support You're way too immature to become staff, as evidenced by how you have responded to this application and in game. You have also increased the font size a ton in order to fulfill the line requirements. While not necessarily disallowed, it doesn't reflect well on you.
  12. Cats

    Dank Memes for staff

    +Support, Rec confirmed The Good: Veteran community member Has experience staffing on Aurora Chill dude with a calm temper Mature Cares about the server The Neutral: Section not required for this application. The Bad: Recently joined back, but I think this can be overlooked. Good Luck!
  13. Cats

    Constant Lua Panic: Memory Error

    OOM errors can occur on even mid to high end PCs. They usually occur because a particular addon is causing a memory leak. This type of error can happen on any sort of hardware as it is a software issue rather than a hardware issue.
  14. Cats

    Constant Lua Panic: Memory Error

    I have the same out of memory issue on my laptop. I have been using GeForce now and Parsec to stream the game to my laptop but these solutions aren’t working very well for me. A fix would be greatly appreciated.