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  1. Dylan

    Report on Dylan

    Except you can clearly hear him saying that he didn't put one down. Also, I didn't come in from that side
  2. Dylan

    Report on Dylan

    There was never a building sign. They had a sign outside the door saying "super secret base. kos if lockpicking" etc, the general KOS sign. After breaking in, they clearly told me they were building after I had shot them. Also, this is a different "base" than my first raid, meaning I only had to wait 5 minutes, not 15. I didn't break any rules here.
  3. Dylan

    Report on Raddak

    I was online when this was happening. Raddak had a base that MadHouz here raided successfully. Raddak got upset and started cursing him our in chat because he got raided. He also disconnected shortly after (and he had only been online about 15/20 minutes). Raddak should definitely be punished somehow for this.