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  1. gtg

    spookyfries staff app

    + Support fucked mE
  2. gtg

    GTG's Ban Appeal

    nanananana I shot Kobe but Kobe was cool with it
  3. gtg

    GTG's Ban Appeal

    Your In-Game Name: crystal pepsi Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70234450 Reason Entered for Your Punishment: "Breaking Multiple rules" Staff Member Who Issued the Punishment: Untold Length of Ban/Warn: 7 Days (1080 Minutes) Explain Why Your Punishment Was Invalid: I don't know exactly why I was banned, I climbed on top of the building while my friends were in a sit and I place a chair down on the roof and 2 seconds later I'm banned. I was in a sit previously for killing my own friends "RDM" but it was on purpose so that aint random so it aint RDM, its PDM and their aint no rules for PDM. I'd like to be unbanned because I wasn't brought to a sit, I was killing my friends with their permission (we were dicking around with each other no one else who didn't want to particpate in our in our "fuckery"), and there was also 4 other crystal pepsis' on so I don't believe he got the correct logs. Proof (if any):
  4. gtg

    Mak's Staff Application [RP]

    i mean the community been up for not even a month there's not that much to know from where it left off ya feel, i MEAN NO OFFENSE like u right but i gtg
  5. gtg

    [TTT] Credence's Staff Application

    me 2
  6. gtg


    yikes gtg
  7. yo fr if u gtg u GTG u feel me

  8. gtg

    Tier 3 Giveaway

    why are you so toxic to members? this is SO unhealthy
  9. gtg

    Tier 3 Giveaway

  10. gtg

    Ban Appeal

    TTT Ban Appeals Please use this format when submitting an appeal. How to appeal a ban: If you believe you were wrongfully punished by a member of the staff, use this format to submit an appeal. If your punishment was found to be wrongful, your punishment may be lessened or lifted completely. Use this format (copy+paste and fill in the blanks) when you create a new topic. Please be detailed in your description of the events that occurred. Be sure to provide proof (screenshots or videos) that prove your report. Otherwise, your report will be dismissed for lack of evidence. When creating a report, use the proper format, or you will be warned. When you create an appeal, be sure to make the title "[Punishment] Appeal: (Nibber)". For example: "Ban Appeal: Cats is a moron" Be sure to include the tag "Appeal". This will help us easily search for and organize existing reports. You can find your SteamID by typing "status" in console. Appeal Format:
  11. gtg

    Trumpet Horn, Cue Inspirational Music

    Stay strong ❤️
  12. gtg

    Tier 3 Giveaway

    na u basically payin 2 play, this a company not a community whitchu think dis was
  13. gtg

    [TTT] Viva's Staff Application

    its TTT i dont think age matters at all when the report kinda handles itself