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  1. BottledCuteness

    A suggestion for the poor

    Gives people more to grind for i guess
  2. @Kos litteraly rebel medic, its a default/ vanilla player model
  3. BottledCuteness

    staffa appa

    -Support Idk who you are and never seen you This one of your first post on the forums Your font size is massive, look at its size compared to the question. Obviously couldnt type enough of am awnser --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spend more time in the community and try to know the people in it before applying
  4. BottledCuteness

    geekmarine's staff application

    Untolds staff app btw ;3
  5. BottledCuteness

    Stuff I think would be cool to add

    I always thought a chef making temp health boosts would be nice
  6. BottledCuteness

    geekmarine's staff application

    -/+ Support I currently do not have enough information of you ingame to make a fair judgement -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will wait to see the communitys views on you, then ill vote
  7. BottledCuteness

    Racism Discussion

    My main problem with the word is the rule that you can only say it if your black, its either a good word for all or a bad word for all. Thats my opinion
  8. BottledCuteness

    Selfie Thread

    on left, i hate my smile
  9. BottledCuteness

    New Age Requirement

    tbh idc bout the persons age, i care that they are able to get their job done faster than most and do it better. Age is only a factor and only should be when the person applying is a squeaker, cause id hate being bossed around by a tot with knowledge
  10. BottledCuteness

    People of aurora don’t like iPadman321

    jokes are funny
  11. BottledCuteness

    People of aurora don’t like iPadman321

    I know that, lmao and what kind of friend would make a post like this
  12. Found this really sick mashup on soundcloud

  13. BottledCuteness

    BeMinxX's Staff Application

    +Support Love the Rainbows passes line requirements Really helpful to staff team recently ------------------------------------------------------------- I feel like he'd make a great staff member