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  1. These players will receive a 3-day 2x EXP boost upon launch for their achievements in beta: STEAMID64 Name $ in wallet "76561198079780939" "BeMinxXᴭᴺ" "18,053,420" "76561198170445942" "Bree" "13,271,611" "76561198090692802" "Jasmine Mediana" "12,061,915" "76561198128453785" "Apple Juiceᴭᴺ" "10,344,180" "76561197983350352" "greekmarine" "8,043,740" "76561198082198294" "LoadedBigMacH" "6,196,254" "76561198093206323" "George the Universal Prince" "5,687,033" "76561198105682163" "Nitsu" "5,370,132" "76561198189043422" "Waffl3" "4,373,020" "76561198133008715" "Chewydo" "3,712,646"
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  3. Divine

    [RP] Untitled's Staff Application

    +support for eric
  4. Fixes - JumpPack no longer releases particles - !thirdperson is now less glitchy with your aim - Fixed losing Score during Free-For-All events - Added Map icons during MapVote Additions - Added !discord command which redirects to an invite to the official Discord server Maps - Added Reworked 67th Way which does not require CSS.
  5. Divine

    We back

  6. Yo, you should use the Aurora steam group to announce that Aurora's back up. Just to get the word out to the people that don't already know.

  7. Divine

    Introduction – AMA

    The current plan is for previous donators to grandfather in their previous privileges.
  8. very nice

  9. Divine

    Introduction – AMA

    I pursued other personal projects. Although, I know that isn't a justification to abandon Aurora – so I'm sorry.
  10. Divine


    hi there dead meme
  11. Divine


    new phone who dis
  12. Divine

    Introduction – AMA

    Ehh... I haven't a knowledged coder yet who consistently delivers code quality. It'll be interesting to see. i dont need scrub money
  13. Divine

    Introduction – AMA

    @DrFabio I missed developing cool shit. Running Aurora was sometimes tedious – but the feeling of coding and seeing the immediate effect in-game made it worth. I learned so much from running servers and I miss the experience.
  14. Hi there, I founded Aurora back in 2014 with one goal in mind – to deliver a dope-ass TTT experience. It went on to evolve into a DarkRP server and the rest was history. AMA