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    Fixes - JumpPack no longer releases particles - !thirdperson is now less glitchy with your aim - Fixed losing Score during Free-For-All events - Added Map icons during MapVote Additions - Added !discord command which redirects to an invite to the official Discord server Maps - Added Reworked 67th Way which does not require CSS.
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    This is a list of all current staff members of AuroraEN. Please beware of imposters, all Steam and forum accounts can be found here. (Aurora Staff Hierarchy can be found here.) Developer Divine @Divine Community Supervisors Kobeyashi @Kobeyashi Pony @Ponyポニー DarkRP Super Administrator Kos @Kos Administrator Nelson @Nelson Moderator BottledCuteness @BottledCuteness Cats @Cats Untitled @Untitled Enforcer Screwed @Screwed Untold @UnTold Dank Memes 'n' Chill @dankmemesnchill Rauncy @Rauncy BeMinxX @BeMinxX TTT Super Administrator Cats @Cats Administrator Chris @Chris Credence @Credence Moderator HerpDerp @HerpDerpᴭᴺ Bob Martin Jr @Bob Martin Jr Evil Boomer @Evilboomer Misterjgt @Misterjgt Soyfya @Soyfya Llamafairpwllgwyngyll @Llamafairpwllgwyngyll Nicsman @nicsman Viva @Viva Enforcer Kos @Kos PropHunt Super Administrator QueenM @QueenM Administrator GravityWolf @GravityWolf Moderator Apply here! Enforcer Apply here!
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    You when your 50
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    Just some stuff I found about printers because I was bored. Bronze: 4/s Silver: 12/s Gold: Probably ~ 30/s Diamond: 60/s Printer XP and $ is not exponential and goes up by a constant amount. You don't gain anything by letting it sit for a long time or from spamming withdraw. Bronze Printers Y: Seconds X: XP
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    smh all you do is throw incends or rdm don
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    +support by far the best staff member that ever existed
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    To prove your point: This happened about 20m after he applied. (He also hit multiple others, including me and bottled, And a few others I was too lazy to check logs for.) He was also karma banned when he applied, which isn't that bad.
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    After thinking about this for a little bit, I have mixed feeling about this. If XP was exponential it would give incentive to those who wait to withdraw their money from the printer, but at the same time, it comes with a large amount of risk. If at any point during the time you wait for it to build up, any sort of problem could occur from getting raided to a server crash. I feel like it could just cause unnecessary problems because of those people who would mad and complain. At the same time, I like that kind of risk and makes criminal activity a bit riskier than it already is.
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    I cant tell if you're extremely obnoxious or extremely gay
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    I wish I was computer smart enough to understand any of this
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    Honestly, I do not think fading windows should be removed. Sure they can be annoying going up against them, but that is the point of raiding. It shouldn't be easy to break into someone's base and take all their stuff. Now it is understandable if you're going up against a megabase that has 10 people inside, but if I'm just basing with a friend or two. I don't want to be destroyed by every raider that comes by, the point is some people will have the skill to raid and some won't. Other than that I agree with having lengths to the tunnels.
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    I doubt anyone will remember me I'm Ezikiel, I used to play on AuroraRP around 2 - 3 years ago, and I was banned for being a fuckin retard on the forums and in-game. (Don't re-ban pls) I'm wanting to get back into DarkRP and I thought that coming back to this community might have been a good place to start, so yeah. BOY.
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    Hi there, I founded Aurora back in 2015 with one goal in mind – to deliver a dope-ass trolling experience. It went on to evolve into a strange addiction followed by staffing tenure and the rest was history. AMA
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    Player's In-Game Name: YoungDaggerDick Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78318199 Rule(s) the Player Has Broken: Mass RDM , NLR Describe What Happened: Ran around at 4 am killing everyone on the server. Proof:
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    Sometimes, I dream about cheese.
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    I wanna say positive but last time you applied for staff you literally disappeared without a trace
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    Hello; to all current and future members of AuroraEN: The purpose of this post is to inform you of the staff hierarchy as well as a couple of ground rules involving being a staff member on our various servers. Do not confuse this with our staff expectations as that is something else entirely. A staff list will follow this soon. This is so that we are all on the same page. **The power of Super Administrators and their subordinate ranks do not carry over to other servers. The only rank that has universal power is the rank of Community Supervisor.** Community Supervisor Oversees all community and staff operations Super Administrator Super Admins on ONLY their respective servers and are the leaders of their server, given the appropriate power to adequately manage their subordinate staff and their server Administrator Given the appropriate power to adequately manage their subordinate staff and staff their server Moderators Given the appropriate power to adequately staff their server without restriction Enforcers Given the appropriate power to adequately staff their server with restrictions
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    i think this guy is gay
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    wow how did you even notice lmao
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    Seeing as what has been brought up not only in this post but also what was said in the discord earlier today/late yesterday, I do not see you being fit to be staff on our TTT. You have been banned 5 times, 4 of them being karma and 1 of them being from a voteban. None of your responses are anywhere NEAR adequate, you didn't even follow the courtesy code of making the answers a different color, which I would forgive if you had answered the questions fully or went above with them, claiming that you can help when nobody else is on is irrelevant, when there is an issue and no staff are on, either call on the staff or get evidence to make a report, don't throw together an "application" just to "fix it". Making an application like this will just hurt your chances to be staff anywhere on our community in the future, as if you apply on say darkrp now, people will just think of your half-assed attempt at making a TTT staff app, and how you're just making this because DarkRP isn't up yet. You even claimed in the discord that "TTT is shit" and that you don't care about yourself RDMing people. Staff are held to a certain standard, and you in no way currently meet that standard. The hardest -Support that I can give.
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    homie you rdm all the time lmfaoooo
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    We are getting the DarkRP staff team ready or launch. If you would like to be part of the team, apply now!
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    dang you think im playin??